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Peripheral Pump

Peripheral pump's volute chamber and impellers are designed to give the best possible hydraulic efficiency and suction lift characteristics. The S.S inserts provided inside the pump casing reduces wear & tear and this give longer life and prevent the pump from seizing if it is kept idle for long period. Motor stator is made of low watt loss steel laminations. The windings are of high grade enameled copper wire and are varnish impregnated. Dynamically balanced rotor ensure vibration and noise free operations. Construction of motor frames and usage of quality materials result in high performance and low temperature rise thereby increasing the life cycle of the motor.

MH – MV Series Pump

Pressure management throughout the building round the clock . Lesser running cost and reduced energy cost up to :6N compare to conventional constant speed systems I Control panel! it" Pressure  transmitter to meet the end-user requirement. Reputed make variable frequency drive VWD and programmable logic controller PLC to regulate the speed of the duty pump as per the required flow rate to maintain constant pressure

JTS Series Pump

High operating efficiency resulting in lower power consumption. Good suction lift characteristics. Dynamically balanced rotating parts.. Balanced and rigid construction.. Inbuilt thermal overload protector in all single phase pumps.

L series 50Hz Rewindable Motor

High operating efficiency and lesser power consumption Extremely hardwearing ball & angular contact bearings Corrosive resistance stainless steel body. Filled with non-toxic oil. Can be easily dismantled and repaired

Flexible Hose

This hose is specially designed for submersible pumps, capable of handling internal. Pressure and withstand the weight of the column water,pump with motor and cable. It doesn't require any safety rope  due to its high  tensile strength.

ECW Series Pump

These pumps features horizontal shaft components with axial suction and impellers and radial discharge ports. Pumps volute chamber and impellers are carefully designed to give the best possible and suction lift characteristics