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Panel Size & Description
Injection of high open area Polyurethane and Rubber mould panels down to a size of 0.3mm slotted apertures that range from 31mm thick to 70mm thick. We can supply 305 x 305 and 610 x 305 panels.

Panel Pin Fixing
We supply round pin and sleeve or we can supply H Pin and sleeve.

  • All products are manufactured locally
  • Strict adherence to all OEM standards and specifications
  • Integrated systems and up to date software packages
  • Continued product improvement
  • Adherence to ISO 9001:2008

Slotted panels are used in dewatering applications or washing plants. The apertures are usually small and size tolerance is very small and non negotiable. By the time the ore reaches the washing plant in the cycle of screening, it is usually the last step in the screening circuit. Due to the cut, size importance is critical as the mine cannot afford to lose material due to over or under size material moving through the circuit again.

The KVR panel was designed 34 years ago to eliminate the effects of excess blinding and pegging on screen panels. Most commonly the problem of square apertures are the blinding of apertures and this is prevented by using the KVR panel. The KVR panel has been the most successful non blinding panel used in the screening industry and is used in most applications. KVR panels should be recommended to clients where blinding is the main problem. The broken square features of the aperture allows the movement of material to find its way through the cavity of the panel. The panel can be designed to allow close fraction screening as to allow close cut size tolerance.

These panels get used mostly by plants that are very focused on exact ore sizing, such as diamond recovery works. The panels are specially recommended to the clients where cut size of their product is critical. The tolerance of the cut size is determent by the plant metallurgist, and is important to maintain accuracy of screened material. Recommend square aperture to client where ore characteristics are not conducive to blinding of apertures. Usually tolerance of cut size is +1mm/-1mm.


DDF (Draining Deflection)

To channel material and fluid from dead area to aperture for increased screening efficiency.

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CB (Carrier Bar)

Increase life expectancy and efficiency by lifting large particles above aperture. The screenable particles see more apertures for increased efficiency.

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DDF (Draining Deflection)

To channel material and fluid from dead area to aperture for increased screening efficiency.