Heavy Duty Slurry Pump

Pumps are available either Rubber or Metal lined utilizing Abrasive and Corrosive Resistant Materials.

Ultra-Heavy Duty
Hard Metal or Elastomer Lined
High Quality, Cost Effective and Efficiency
Innovated High Technology and Development Discharge Size 25 -1400mm
Flow Rate 5-13400m3/H Head 5-110m

• A large diameter with a short overhang ensure the rigidity of the shaft suitable for high power conditions.
• Hardened stainless steel sleeves with ‘O’ ring seals at both ends. A slip fit allows the sleeve to protect the shaft from wear and corrosion.
• The deputy vanes in both former and rear cover of the impeller relieve seal pressure and minimise recirculation.
• Casing is made of ductile iron ribs helping the casing to withstand high pressure.
• The wet parts are made of high-chrome alloy or rubber, having abrasion-resistant, corrosion resistant and impact erosion-resistant properties, improving the service life of the pump.
• The metal wet parts and rubber wet parts are interchangeable or mixed use, suitable for different working conditions.
• Impellers adopt the wide flow method and vane concave to improve flow and corrosion resistance, prolonging service life.
• The shaft seal may be adapted to packing seals, expeller seals and mechanical seals to fit different conditions.
• The discharge branch can be positioned at intervals of 45 degrees by request and oriented to any eight positions to suit installations and applications.
• The bearing assembly has grease lubrication and oil lubrication which are optional depending on the usage.
• The oil lubrication bearing assembly can effectively lower the operating temperature and reduce bearing fault.
• The grease lubrication bearing easy installation and adjustment, simple structure and easy to maintain and perform reliably.

  • ISO 9001, 2008 Certification
  • ECM verification of compliance
  • Certified Quality Management system

Suitable For
• Floor cleanup
• Sand slurry
• Mill scale
• Chemicalwastes
• Process sumps
• Mill sumps

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Bearing Assembly and Shaft

The shaft is designed with a short overhang to reduce shaft deflection and minimize vibration
Provided with hardened shaft sleeve to protect the shaft Optional dimensionally interchangeable heavy duty bearing cartridge assemblies
Cartridge assembly is retained on a one piece frame
Grease purged piston rings to help seal contaminates out of bearing housing.


  • Enclosed impellers to maximize efficiency Pump out vanes on both shrouds minimizes recirculation
  • Reduces stuffing box pressure
  • Hard Metal or Elastomer liquid ends
  • Interchangeable hard metal and elastomer impellers Cast-in impeller threads to protect shaft
  • Impeller clearance set bymoving cartridge assembly

Removable Liners

  • Liners are positively attached utilizing studs.
  • Liners and Impellers for hard metal and elastomer lined pumps have common dimensions and are interchangeable within the same pump size.

Seal Options

Gland Seal – Most popular type of seal. Clean water at a certain pressure being injected into the packing through the lantern restrictor, preventing leakage from casing. Simple structure, easy maintenance and low cost, suitable for where expeller seal suitable.

Expeller Seal – The expeller generate a reverse centrifugal force to prevent the leakage. It can be used for single-stage pump or the first pump of multiple pumps in series when the positive pressure at suction side is larger than that at discharge side by no more than 10%. No gland water is needed, the slurry will not be diluted and the sea-ling effect is reliable, used in where dilution of slurry is not allowed

Mechanical Seal – Suitable for applications where no extra substance is allowed to mix with the fluid being pumped, such as chemical or food industry.

1.5/1B-AH 25I-MS 1.5/1C-HH 1.5/1J-MH
1.5/1B-AHR 25I-MSR 3/2D-HH 3/2K-MH
2/1.5B-AH 40I-MS 4/3E-HH 4/3L-MH
2/1.5B-AHR 40I-MSR 6/4F-HH 6/4M-MH
3/2C-AH 50J-MS
3/2C-AHR 50J-MSR L(R)&ML
4/3C-AH 80J-MS 20A-L 20A-ML
4/3C-AHR 80J-MSR 50B-L 50I-ML
6/4D-AH 100K-MS 50B-L(R) 50I-MLR
6/4D-AHR 100K-MSR 75C-L 75J-ML
6/4E-AH 100L-MS 100D-L 100K-ML
6/4E-AHR 100L-MSR 150E-L 150L-ML
8/6E-AH 150L-MS 300S-L 300U-ML
8/6E-AHR 150L-MSR 400ST-L 400RS-L
10/8F-AH 200M-MS 450ST-L 450ST-L
10/8F-AHR 200N-MSR M&SM
12/10ST-AH 1250RS-MS 10/8R-M 10/8Q-MM
12/10ST-AHR 250RS-MSR 10/8E-M 10/8L-MM
14/12ST-AH 300RS-MS G&MSG
14/12ST-AHR 300RS-MSR 6/4D-G 6/4K-MSG
16/14TU-AH 350TV-MS 8/6E-G 8/6L-MSG
16/14TU-AHR 350TV-MSR 10/8F-G 10/8M-MSG
20/18TU-AH 450TV-AH 12/10G-G 12/10N-MSG
20/18TU-AHR 450TV-AHR 14/12G-G 14/12N-MSG
SP(R)&MS(R) 14/12T-G 14/12V-MSG
40PV-SP 40WV-MSP 16/14G-GH 16/14N-MSGH
65QV-SP 65XV-MSP 6/4E-SH 100SH-L
65QV-SPR 65XV-MSPR 8/6F-SH 150SH-M
100RV-SP 100TV-MSP 12/10T-SH 250SH-V

Application Features and Design

MSP sump pumps are an ultra-heavy duty design for continuous operation, the bearing assembly design allows the pumps to operate in very tough conditions without damaging the bearing.
Both high chrome alloy and elastomer wet end parts are suitable to the different applications, and the pumps use in many industries, various lengths and suction extensions are available to suit most sump depths.

Suitable For

• Floor cleanup
• Sand slurry
• Mill scale
• Chemicalwastes
• Process sumps
Technical Data:
• Mill sumps

Technical Data:

Casing: Cast II r on Sizes: 40 to 200mm
Impeller: High Chrome Iron or Elastomer MaxCapacity: 131/sec.to 141/sec.
Max Delivery Head: 3Sm


•MSP Pumps – metal or elastomer impellers
• MSPR Pumps – elastomer molded
• No shaft seals are required
• Bearing loads are minimized using double suction impellers.
• Impeller adjustment is made by shimming between the bearing housing and the mounting plate attachement.
•Metal and molded elastomer impellers are available, and are dimensionally interchangeable.
Column Assembly:
• MSP Pumps – metal column
• MSPR Pumps – elastomer metal column